Things that stand upright can be a little trickier to strip because liquid remover doesn't stick as well. But with a gel paint stripper that goes on thick and dries slowly, you can give your table and its legs a new facelift.

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Items You'll Need


  • Citristrip Safer Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel Additional Info
  • One quart of gel will strip 10-20 sq. ft., or about the size of one chair.
    Chemical splash goggles Additional Info
  • Most chemical splash goggles must be worn any time there is the chance of a chemical splash or spray. They feature indirect air vents to allow air in while keeping liquids out. Most fit comfortably over prescription glasses, and can be obtained at a hardware store or home center.
    2-3 pairs of chemical-resistant
    gloves Additional Info
  • Most chemical-resistant gloves can withstand exposure to solvents and other chemicals, and are strong enough to resist tears and punctures. Always read and follow the glove manufacturer's instructions prior to using their gloves for your project. Buy several pairs from your local hardware store, and change them as needed.
    Plastic stripping tool
  • Abrasive stripping pad
  • Stripping brush (for working small areas)
  • Wooden orange sticks (for working detailed areas) Additional Info
  • Pointed wooden orange sticks are manicure tools available at drugstores. Longer and easier to grip than a toothpick, the orange stick allows you to scrape stain and varnish out of detailed recesses in mouldings and sculpted areas of wood.
    2" or 3" natural-bristle paint brushes
  • Citristrip Paint Stripper After Wash is a solvent that will help strip any remaining paint and remove residue.

    Metal container, clean and empty
  • Heavy plastic drop cloths (6 mil recommended)
  • Soft cotton rags for clean-up
  • Citristrip Paint Stripper After Wash Additional Info
  • Aluminum pie tins

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