Homes need as much love as the people in them. With Citristrip, you can safely remove layers of yesteryear from your furniture, cabinets, doors, and other painted surfaces. It's biodegradable. And it smells pretty nice too.


The Citristrip Difference

24 hour hang time

Paint remover needs to stay wet to work. Citristrip stays wet for 24 hours. So you can cover and strip an entire dining room set in one go.

Baby it's cold outside

If it's too wintery to strip your furniture outside, or if your furniture is nailed down inside, Citristrip is safe for indoor use. That's because it's made without methylene chloride.

Orange scent

Citristrip smells like oranges instead of eye-watering chemicals. And its orange color helps the stripper gel stand out on a surface, so you know where you've applied it.





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